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Food & Nutrition closeup of ginger root
Ginger 101: The Benefits and Top Ways to Use It

If you enjoy the taste of pungent spices, ginger is likely already a staple item in your kitchen pantry. Full of zesty flavor that can liven up any dish; fresh ginger root is truly beyond compare. However, few people know how healthy this lumpy looking root really is. If your exposure to ginger is limited […]

Food & Nutrition apple cider vinegar beside basket of apples
Apple Cider Vinegar Health Benefits

More and more people in today’s world are beginning to realize that the old adage: “you are what you eat” is true. The industrialization of our food industry has led to a number of serious health problems including the skyrocketing of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.

As people begin to wake up to the negative […]

Food & Nutrition kratom powder + leaves
Kratom Powder 101: What Is It And How To Choose The Best

The leaf of a large evergreen tree native to Asia has recently caused quite a stir amongst the health food community in the United States and Canada. The Kratom tree, Mitragyna speciose in Latin, is a tree that is related to the coffee tree that is endemic to certain areas in Thailand, Indonesia, and Myanmar. […]

Food & Nutrition Shilajit - The ultimate guide for buying an using.
Everything You Need To Know About Shilajit

Does eating tar sound like a good idea for your health? While asphalt should be avoided for obvious reasons, there is one form of natural tar called shilajit that has powerful advantages for your body. Strange as it may sound, this black, sticky substance is one of the most prized herbs in Ayurvedic medicine and […]

Food & Nutrition black maca + black maca powder
Everything You Need To Know About Black Maca (Root/Powder/Tablets)

For thousands of years, the ancient Incan empire developed a strong, resilient agriculture system that thrived even in the tough climates of the highlands of the Andes Mountains. One of the principles of their agricultural development was the diversification of different species that were well adapted to the local climatic conditions. In fact, the Food […]