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Food & Nutrition Perfectly white coconut oil in a glass bowl, with a raw fresh coconut split in half and a spoon next to it.
Coconut Oil – Magic in a Nutshell

Coconut oil has had a rough ride. Today, it’s popular in certain circles of the western world, but is certainly less mainstream than in the 1950s. Not to mention it’s been used for thousands of years by tropical cultures. It’s a bizarre dichotomy. While seen as an essential item by those interested in alternative health […]

Food & Nutrition Lentil sprouts in a sprouting-tray placed on a wooden surface.
Sprout This – Sprouting Superfoods for Life

Seeds are miraculous little things. They come pre-loaded with all the genetic blueprints necessary to fully develop and reseed into future generations. They themselves are the latest and greatest iteration of millennia of evolutionary fine-tuning. But they are also packed with an impressive array of vitamins and nutrients that are necessary to support this incredible […]

Food & Nutrition 5 quinoa alternatives - other healthy grains; Teff, Sorghum, Kamut (Khorasan), Spelt and Amaranth.
5 Healthy Grains That Pack More Punch Than Quinoa

Quinoa gained popularity because it contains nine of the essential amino acids needed for a healthy diet. It’s also gluten-free, which makes it a healthier alternative to wheat. But quinoa is not the only grain packed with nutrients. There are other super healthy grains out there that you might be missing out on.
What is […]

Food & Nutrition Colorful varieties of kale
5 Dairy-free Sources of Calcium

Dairy is an excellent source of calcium, which is good for our bones and teeth. This mineral is also responsible for keeping the blood vessels healthy and for regulating blood pressure. Additionally, studies show that calcium intake can help prevent insulin resistance.

Although dairy can be a great source of calcium, there are people who […]

Food & Nutrition Fermented Foods: Sauerkraut in a square, green bowl/pot
8 Reasons You Should Start Eating Fermented Foods

Fermented foods are trendy right now. Kimchi, kombucha and crusty sourdough breads are all prevalent in natural food stores. What’s all the fuss about? Can ferments really live up to all the health-food miracle hype? Let’s look at the facts.
What does it mean when food is fermented?
Fermentation is the chemical process through which […]

Food & Nutrition Matcha powder - an alternative to coffee.
6 Reliable Alternatives to Coffee You Should Try Today

In the US, approximately 80% of the population consumes caffeine daily – much of this coming in the form of coffee. Historically speaking however, the US (and much of the Western world) was late to the coffee game. Alas, it appears we’ve made up for lost time, for consumption of coffee and other caffeinated beverages […]

Green Living A Dutch oven with charcoal pieces on top of and beneath it.
The Pollution-free Benefits of Cooking without Power

No one likes to be stuck in a sweltering kitchen on a hot sunny day. When the weather is gorgeous, summer evenings should be spent outside, not slaving away over air-polluting kitchen appliances. A recent study from California has brought to light just how toxic kitchen appliances can be. Gas powered ovens were found to […]

Gardening & Farming Shiitake mushrooms on a wooden table.
The Foolproof Guide for Growing Mushrooms at Home

If you are serious about reducing your global carbon footprint and gaining more control over where your food comes from, then cultivating your own mushrooms should become a priority. Rich in flavor and easy to utilize in a wide variety of recipes, homegrown mushrooms add a robust, earthy taste to any dish, and growing them […]

Food & Nutrition An illustration of the gut, sketched on a blackboard.
The Importance of Gut Health

Many people are unaware that 70% of our bodies’ immune system resides in the gut. Maintaining a healthy gut is becoming increasingly recognized as a key factor in maintaining health throughout the body. An unhealthy gut is now being linked to a variety of health problems, from depression to inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and […]

Food & Nutrition A four prong ginseng plant with green immature berries. (top-view)
Ginseng: The Truth Behind the Miracle Medicinal Herb

There’s no denying that modern medicine can be frightening. Industrial drug production often seems more focused on generating a profit for researchers than healing the ailments of the sufferers, who have little choice but to buy their products. For many, this is unsettling.

These fears have caused many people to turn away from commercially produced […]

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