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Kratom Powder 101: What Is It And How To Choose The Best

The leaf of a large evergreen tree native to Asia has recently caused quite a stir amongst the health food community in the United States and Canada. The Kratom tree, Mitragyna speciose in Latin, is a tree that is related to the coffee tree that is endemic to certain areas in Thailand, Indonesia, and Myanmar.

The leaves from this tree have been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years by the traditional cultures of southeast Asia. In recent years, however, kratom powder, which is derived from the kratom tree, has gained notoriety as it has been introduced as both a health supplement and a recreational drug.

In this article we will explain what kratom powder is, the positive and potentially negative effects of kratom powder, and how to use it in a responsible way to attain certain health benefits.

What is Kratom?

The leaf of the Kratom tree was used by the peoples of Southeast Asia for thousands of years as a stimulant to help produce work efficiency and to increase energy. Small farmers from this region of the world would traditionally chew on the leaves of the Kratom tree to help boost their energy levels which would in turn improve the efficiency of the work in their farm fields.

In today’s world, however, kratom has gotten a negative reputation because of the fact that it has been abused as a psychoactive, opiate-like substance. When used irresponsibly as a recreational drug, kratom can cause severe damage to the body. When used in combination with other drugs, it can also lead to overdose and even death.

However, there is a reason that the traditional cultures of Asia used kratom for thousands of years without negative side effects. When used responsibly, kratom powder can offer a number of potent health benefits that we explore below.

The health benefits related to kratom that we will review below stem from the high concentration of alkaloids and other organic compounds that are naturally present in the leaves of the Kratom tree and which help the human body in a number of ways.

What is Kratom Powder Used For?

Kratom powder, which is the dried and pulverized form of the Kratom tree leaf, is used for a number of different purposes. As noted above, kratom was used by traditional Asian agrarian cultures to boost energy levels.

It was also used as a mild pain reliever, and that continues to be an effective use of kratom powder today. Furthermore, kratom powder can be used to increase sociability and improve your mood.

Also, there is strong evidence that the controlled use of kratom powder can also be used as a natural analgesic, muscle relaxant, and anti-inflammatory. Because of the its stimulant and opiate like effects, however, many younger people have begun to use kratom for recreational drug use, especially to induce feelings of euphoria.

There are a number of uses for kratom powder, but when used responsibly, it can offer a number of positive health benefits that we will explore below.

6 Positive and Negative Effects of Kratom Powder

Kratom powder, when consumed in a sensible and conscientious manner, can offer a number of positive health benefits. While we may often hear of the negative aspects of kratom powder, this mostly stems from the abuse of this plant by people who aren´t wanting to use the substance for its health-enhancing properties. Below we look at four of the top health benefits of kratom powder and two potentially negative effects.

1. Pain Relief

For people who suffer from serious bouts of chronic pain, chemical pain relievers and muscle relaxants can cause serious health problems, side effects, and even long term addiction problems. Kratom, however, can be used as a natural analgesic. The naturally occurring alkaloids present in the Kratom tree leaf can affect the hormonal system of the body and thus help to eliminate symptoms of pain.

Since Kratom leaves, and thus kratom, have opium and morphine like qualities, it can be considered to be a more natural way to help people who deal with chronic pain.

2. Boosts the Immune System

There is also evidence that kratom powder might be able to enhance and strengthen the body´s immune system. While evidence is still preliminary, one study found that there is strong evidence showing that kratom powder can improve the resiliency of the body’s immune system helping it to ward off disease and illness.

3. Increase Energy

As noted above, the main use of kratom leaves by traditional cultures from southeast Asia was to increase energy levels so that farm workers could be more productive in their fields. It is believed that this boost in energy comes from the ability of kratom to affect the metabolism and hormones of the human body.

For people who suffer from excessive tiredness or chronic fatigue syndrome, regular doses of kratom powder might just give you the burst of energy you need to stay productive throughout your day.

4. Increased Mental Clarity

The feeling of mental grogginess that comes with being perpetually tired is frustrating, especially if you need to stay concentrated and awake in order to be productive at work or in school. Small doses of kratom powder have been shown to increase your mental clarity and your ability to stay concentrated for extended periods of time. It has even shown that kratom powder can be used to help people who suffer from attention deficit disorder (ADD and ADHD).

5. Withdrawal Symptoms

When used in small doses, kratom powder generally doesn’t cause any sort of addiction. However, like all opiates, heavier uses and larger doses can eventually lead to addiction. Some people who have used kratom powder for recreational purposes report suffering from rather severe withdrawal symptoms as their body has become dependent on the energy boost provided by kratom powder.

6. Side Effects

For people who have never used kratom powder, there is the possibility of suffering from mild side effects such as fatigue, stomach discomfort, drowsiness, and nausea.

Is Kratom Powder Safe?

Kratom powder has been used for thousands of years by different ancestral cultures of Asia without any serious, negative health effects. However, as with anything, there can be health concerns when the substance is abused for recreational purposes and not used specifically for its health benefits.

The recommended dose of kratom powder as a dietary and health supplement is generally one teaspoon of kratom powder. Taking higher doses can lead to health problems and even addiction.

How to Use Kratom Powder

While many people prefer to take powdered health or nutritional substance by dissolving the powder in a glass of water, it is not recommended to do this with kratom powder since this will cause the powder to create lumps within the water. Putting the powder into capsules is another option, though you would need to take several capsules in order to get to the 1 teaspoon recommended dosage.

The most common way to use kratom powder then, is to put 1 teaspoon of powder into your mouth and wash it down with a glass of water. If one teaspoon is too much for your mouth to handle (kratom powder will dry out your mouth), you could take the dose in two separate “installments.”

To get the maximum benefit from kratom powder, it is best to use the powder on an empty stomach, usually between meals. Wait at least an hour and a half after eating before taking kratom powder, and don’t for at least an hour after taking your dose of kratom powder.

Where to buy Kratom Powder Online

If you think that kratom might be a good natural alternative to help you deal with fatigue, pain, or to simply give you an energy boost that you need, there are a number of places online where you can find kratom powder for sale.

Because of the recreational abuse of kratom as an opiate substitute, several states have begun to regulate the use of kratom powder. Today, kratom powder is illegal in Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Tennessee, Vermont, and Wisconsin and the U.S. Army has prohibited soldiers from using kratom powder all together.

If you live in a place where kratom is legal, make sure to find a vendor that sells 100% pure kratom powder that hasn’t been mixed with other chemical substances. Below are our suggestions for the best places to purchase pure kratom powder online:

  • Kraken Kratom: This online provider offers different kratom powders from different veins and colors. Their products are 100% natural and sourced from reputable providers.
  • Phyto Extractum: This online provider offers a number of different kratom powders and capsules. You can also shop for a wide array of different plant extracts for a number of different health benefits.


When used responsibly, kratom powder offers a number of important, quality health benefits. Whether you are dealing with chronic pain and are looking for an alternative, chemical free way to deal with your pain, or if you simply want a boost of energy and mental clarity to improve your productivity at work or school, kratom powder can give you quality health benefits to improve your mood and your overall wellbeing.

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