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How To Set Up The Best Grow Room For Your Crop?

Growing your crops can be a rewarding experience, but it takes more than just seeds and soil. Creating the ideal environment for your plants is crucial for a successful harvest. In this guide, we’ll walk you through setting up the best grow room for your crop from the perspective of an ordinary grower.

Gardening & Farming Shiitake mushrooms on a wooden table.
The Foolproof Guide for Growing Mushrooms at Home

If you are serious about reducing your global carbon footprint and gaining more control over where your food comes from, then cultivating your own mushrooms should become a priority. Rich in flavor and easy to utilize in a wide variety of recipes, homegrown mushrooms add a robust, earthy taste to any dish, and growing them […]

Gardening & Farming Lush urban garden on rooftop with highrises in background
The Best Tips for Starting a Small Urban Garden

Taking steps to live a more sustainable life has never been easier. People everywhere are no longer satisfied with planet-killing produce and are starting a movement to regain control of the food system. They are demanding to know where their food is grown and how it is produced. And in many cases, they are sticking […]

Gardening & Farming woman planting plants using mulch for no-till agriculture
No-till Farming for Healthier Soil and Lifestyles

Masanobu Fukuoka, the late Japanese farmer, developed a unique farming system he called “Natural Farming”. Trying to replicate what he saw in Nature, Fukuoka’s no till system allowed the soil to continually grow in fertility. Through the use of mulch and cover crops, this system effectively allows for continuous harvests of crop rotations, eliminates weeds […]

Gardening & Farming small pond storing water on a property in the fall
Storing Water In Landscapes: A Swales And Ponds Primer

Rain is often seen to be one of the leading causes of soil erosion. The problem isn’t with rain itself, but rather with bad land management practices and farming practices that aren’t designed to take advantage of the rain. The best place to store water is in the landscape itself, and through the process of […]

Gardening & Farming farmer harvesting crops using industrial agricultural methods
Food Forests For Abundant And Ecological Production

One of the biggest challenges we collectively face as a species is how to grow sufficient food for our growing population. Large scale farming dependent on fossil fuel inputs, dangerous chemicals and genetically modified organisms has only increased our vulnerability. Food forests offer us an opportunity to revolutionize the way we grow our food, offering […]

Gardening & Farming tender seedling growing out of top soil
Lasagna Gardening: Build Soil And Get Rid Of Weeds

Healthy top soil, or humus, is necessary for growing healthy plants. However, top soil takes dozens of years to naturally accumulate through the slow decomposition of leaves and other organic material. For people who don’t have the budget to buy those overpriced bags of garden soil sold at hardware stores, lasagna gardening is a quick […]

Gardening & Farming three shiitake mushrooms on a wooden board
Growing Shiitake Mushrooms: An Inexpensive Delicacy

The Chinese people have been using shiitake mushrooms as a nutritional and medicinal food for over 6,000 years. One of the most well-known of the edible mushroom, shiitakes, have recently been discovered by the health food movement around the world and are considered to be one of the top superfoods most widely available. Instead […]

Gardening & Farming loseup of chicken with others in background
Chicken Tractors and Sustainable Poultry Pasture

Chickens have long been some of the most widely raised “farm” animals. While chickens have been valued for providing an easily obtainable source of protein, when put out to “pasture”, chickens can also help to improve the land and landscape. Your grandmother may very well have complained to you about chickens eating her garden greens […]

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