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Movement & Fitness A man resting in a squat
Interesting Facts About the Natural Squatting Position

Most would never consider ‘sitting’ a health risk. You read that right – sitting. It’s such a comfortable and common position that it’s difficult to imagine that there could be anything fundamentally wrong with it. In the West, we tend to do just about everything in a sitting position – eating, working, reading, and even […]

Movement & Fitness A barefoot-print made out of stones.
Barefoot Living – A Step Ahead

Going barefoot – and returning to the minimalist ways of our caveman predecessors – is growing rapidly in popularity. For those seeking to reconnect with mother earth, return a natural flow to their stride or improve general health, a barefoot lifestyle could be an easily accessible solution. So, let’s take a look at the anatomy […]

Movement & Fitness A woman practicing tai-chi in a natural environment.
A Beginners Guide to Modern Tai Chi

The term ‘tai chi’ is somewhat familiar to most of us. It’s common to envision slow, measured, low-impact movements performed by elderly, zen-looking men or women. There’s a good reason for this, as most tai chi forms are rooted in intentional, meditative movements. Yes, this makes them perfect for older generations. But, tai chi can […]

Movement & Fitness couple doing yoga pose on mat in home
Learning Yoga at Home: Best Tips for Success

Few things in modern times have been culturally appropriated as quickly and completely as yoga. What was once a relatively obscure Hindu spiritual practice in east Asia has become a mainstream form of exercise for overworked city dwellers everywhere.

It’s easy to scoff at the widespread popularity of yoga in the western world, but the […]