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Lifestyle Essential oils for clogged ears
7 Best Essential Oils for Clogged Ears You Desperately Need

Few things can be as unpleasant as suffering from chronically clogged ears. Doctors warn against using Q-tips to relieve the pressure, but it can be hard to know what else to do. However, there are plenty of benefits for using essential oils for clogged ears.

These all natural plant extracts are a great way to […]

Lifestyle vial of essential oil
A Beginners Guide to Understanding Essential Oils

Plants are more powerful than we know. Unlike animals, plants don’t have the power to run away when threatened, which has caused them to slowly evolve with arsenals of powerful defenses against would-be eaters. These chemicals are antioxidants and have as many benefits for us as they do for plants. For this reason, people have […]

Lifestyle woman spraying natural perfume
These Natural Perfumes Will Keep You Smelling and Feeling Awesome

Ever spent time near the perfume section of a mall? At first, the almost overwhelming blend of fragrances smells incredible, but within a short amount of time you’re likely to leave the cosmetics counter with a pounding headache. The reason for this, (besides too many scents at once) is that the majority of perfumes on […]

Lifestyle bar of natural homemade soap in a dish with towels in the background
How To Make Homemade Soap: Top Tips For Success

How much money have you spent over the years on specialty body products at cutesy boutiques? The selections of handmade goods might be inspiring, but the price tags on these items are no joke. Usually in prominent displays are homemade soaps and lotions in a wild array of colors and scents, and they’re almost irresistible […]

Food & Nutrition closeup of ginger root
Ginger 101: The Benefits and Top Ways to Use It

If you enjoy the taste of pungent spices, ginger is likely already a staple item in your kitchen pantry. Full of zesty flavor that can liven up any dish; fresh ginger root is truly beyond compare. However, few people know how healthy this lumpy looking root really is. If your exposure to ginger is limited […]

Lifestyle essential oils for spider bite relief
7 Best Essential Oils for Spider Bites

Summer weather makes it more tempting than ever to spend time outside, but humans aren’t the only creatures that become more active once the weather gets warm. Spiders, mosquitos and other biting insects also love the sunshine, and it’s impossible to go long without getting a painful bite.

Bug bites are itchy and uncomfortable, but […]

Lifestyle essential oils for nausea relief
11 Best Essential Oils for Nausea

When you feel nausea, everything else in your life comes to a halt. Whether you are trying to get a report done at work or concentrate on your daughter’s ballet recital, if you are feeling nauseous, it is pretty much impossible to focus on anything but the rumblings of your stomach.

While there are a […]

Lifestyle Essential oils for teeth grinding
12 Best Essential Oils for Teeth Grinding

A painful mouth is enough to ruin every other part of your life, but did you know that essential oils can provide relief? While they might be an unexpected solution, using essential oils for teeth grinding is an all-natural way to cure your pain and reclaim your mouth for good. Don’t believe it? Keep reading […]

Lifestyle essential oils for root chakra
16 Best Essential Oils for the Root Chakra

As part of the ancient Hindu tantric texts, the body’s seven chakras are considered to be the psychic energy center of the body. Monitoring your chakras has long been understood as a way to keep your body aligned.

However, what are you supposed to do when your chakras aren’t working like they should? It might […]

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