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Green Living house fly sitting on rusty metal
Natural Ways to Deal with the Insect Pests in Your Home

Are tiny, unwanted creatures lurking around your home? Insects might be a huge benefit to the outside environment, but feel people feel as pleased to see them taking residence in their house. If your home is becoming overrun with hordes of bugs, it might be time to make some changes so they feel a little […]

Green Living A Dutch oven with charcoal pieces on top of and beneath it.
The Pollution-free Benefits of Cooking without Power

No one likes to be stuck in a sweltering kitchen on a hot sunny day. When the weather is gorgeous, summer evenings should be spent outside, not slaving away over air-polluting kitchen appliances. A recent study from California has brought to light just how toxic kitchen appliances can be. Gas powered ovens were found to […]

Green Living A home construction project using cob technique
Earthen Housing as an Alternative to a Chemical-laden Home

Somehow or another, the modern-day industrial world in which we live in convinced us that dirt is unclean, impure, and well… dirty. We worry when we see our children headed for a mud puddle, we agonize when a mud footprint makes its way onto our kitchen floor, and we’ll gladly walk an extra couple strides […]

Green Living creating greywater by washing hands with soap
Turn Your Sink and Shower Water Into an Abundant Oasis

Chances are that you have probably heard of the importance of conserving water. Dozens of governmental and non-governmental organizations have orchestrated campaigns trying to convince the average person to reduce the amount of water that they use. From high efficiency laundry machines to shower heads that are in line with the current national energy policy […]

Gardening & Farming woman planting plants using mulch for no-till agriculture
No-till Farming for Healthier Soil and Lifestyles

Masanobu Fukuoka, the late Japanese farmer, developed a unique farming system he called “Natural Farming”. Trying to replicate what he saw in Nature, Fukuoka’s no till system allowed the soil to continually grow in fertility. Through the use of mulch and cover crops, this system effectively allows for continuous harvests of crop rotations, eliminates weeds […]

Green Living stacks of menstrual pads and tampons
Sustainable Solutions for Dealing With Your Period

For half the world’s population, getting your period is a monthly inconvenience that must be dealt with for decades of your life. Thanks to the modern world, it’s easier than ever to get access to feminine hygiene products. However, the convenience of grabbing a box of pads when you need them comes at a cost […]

Green Living aerial view of urban streets in Las Vegas
Nurturing Relationship to Place: Our Most Urgent Task

We live in a world completely divorced from place. Our industrialized and consumer driven lives have effectively separated producers from consumers and consumers from the waste of their consumption. Most of us simply have no idea how natural processes actually work or how very real ecological limits interact with our livelihoods. We are encouraged to […]

Lifestyle Hand holding a small green house with a young green plant growing on the roof
8 Best Ways to Naturalize Your Home

Who doesn’t want their home to be more environmentally sustainable? Greener homes are healthier to live in, help you to live like a responsible global citizen, and are a smart way to take care of the world’s limited natural resources.

Though an entire eco-friendly home renovation is probably out of your budget, there are lots […]

Gardening & Farming small pond storing water on a property in the fall
Storing Water In Landscapes: A Swales And Ponds Primer

Rain is often seen to be one of the leading causes of soil erosion. The problem isn’t with rain itself, but rather with bad land management practices and farming practices that aren’t designed to take advantage of the rain. The best place to store water is in the landscape itself, and through the process of […]

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