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Gardening & Farming
How To Set Up The Best Grow Room For Your Crop?

Growing your crops can be a rewarding experience, but it takes more than just seeds and soil. Creating the ideal environment for your plants is crucial for a successful harvest. In this guide, we’ll walk you through setting up the best grow room for your crop from the perspective of an ordinary grower.

Food & Nutrition Beet powder
17 Top Beet Powder Options You Should Know About Before Buying

For hundreds of years now beets have been revered by societies around the world because of their amazing health benefits and versatile culinary use. As far back as the 1500s eastern European societies utilized beets to boost their health. Their greens were eaten for their high contents of fiber and vitamins, and their roots were […]

Gardening & Farming growing cannabis indoors: a healthy indoor-grown cannabis plant.
Is Growing Indoors The Best Way to Yield Healthy Cannabis?

Although many states in the USA are blessed with appropriate weather conditions and ample sunshine, recent cannabis regulations mandate that cannabis growers are required to grow indoors to avoid growing in the public eye. A majority of the states across the USA have legalized the use of medical marijuana and legal commercial grow operations are […]

Gardening & Farming LED grow lights for indoor cannabis plant.
LED Grow Lights: The Right Choice for Your Indoor Cannabis Plants

Several states in the USA such as Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, California, Nevada, Massachusetts and the federal district of Washington D.C. allow personal cannabis cultivation for recreational growers and medical patients. In certain states such as California, recreational cultivation is limited to indoor growing.

For some cannabis growers, the main goal is to maximize the […]

Lifestyle A person meditating, standing on a mountain peak, in front of the horizon.
Meditation for Beginners: 6 simple tips

Meditation is an ancient practice that allows us to connect to our feelings, thoughts and emotions at a very deep level. This connection usually allows the mind and body to eventually be free of physical and emotional stress, and just Be. 22 minutes a day of listening to your breath can expand your horizons.
The […]