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Is Growing Indoors The Best Way to Yield Healthy Cannabis?

Although many states in the USA are blessed with appropriate weather conditions and ample sunshine, recent cannabis regulations mandate that cannabis growers are required to grow indoors to avoid growing in the public eye. A majority of the states across the USA have legalized the use of medical marijuana and legal commercial grow operations are springing up around the nation. Even in sunny states like California where recreational cannabis is legal, local officials have given cannabis growers the choice to grow them indoors.

It is a fact that much of the Cannabis for sale in California at medical dispensaries grows under supplemental lights. Among consumers, indoor cultivators are popular because they provide “bag appeal.” Generally, this refers to cured and trimmed cannabis flower tops with the ideal combination of smell, appearance, strain and qualities that medical patients look for in these herbs.

However, a question that most growers ask is whether to implement indoor growing or outdoors. Is there any difference between these two? Most cannabis growers prefer indoor projects, and here are reasons why this is so.

Pros of Growing Cannabis Indoors

1. Year Round Cultivation

The best thing about growing indoors is that it is not a seasonal project. With the right indoor equipment and set up, indoor growers can produce cannabis at an extensive scale in any corner of the word. Compared to outdoor growers who can only grow their plants in favorable climates, adverse environmental conditions do not limit indoor growers. With Dorm Grow LED grow lights, indoor cannabis can grow at any time of the year.

These lights help to boost the process of photosynthesis in plants and lead to the growth of healthier cannabis. Where rain and dampness may increase the chances of mold and pest infestation, these lights emit the right wavelength of light that helps to keep plants growing without any interruption. Although indoor grown plants may yield slightly less than outdoor plants, when you plant more indoor cannabis throughout the year, you can produce more than outdoor gardens.

2. Control Over Indoor Grow Conditions

Indoor cannabis is more sensitive than the ones that grow outside. Thus, growers must monitor and adjust different factors within their grow room. A smart grower should be able to adjust all aspects of soil, airflow, nutrients, and other factors that affect their plants. LED grow lights indoors enable growers to utilize the right light spectrums and wavelengths to target specific growth stages of plants.

If growers manage the grow spaces well, it can help to ensure faster cannabis yields. Targeting wavelengths of light to specific growth stages also helps growers to accentuate a specific trait of cannabis, for example, their color, and other aspects that could enhance the plant growth.

3. Control over Light Spectrum

Growing cannabis under LED lights gives growers the ability to customize the growth stage of plants. Plants require less different colors of light for their growth phases. Most times, they require red or blue lights in their flowering stages. When you grow cannabis indoors, you have the choice to choose the preferred lighting for plant growth. As your plants grow, you can invest in other lights like G8 LED grow lights with full light spectrums. Plants that grow under controlled light spectrums also grow naturally and faster under these lighting systems.

4. Product Standardization

Since the cannabis industry is growing, consistency and predictability are important factors that could help to standardize a medical product and gain pharmaceutical approvals. In order to achieve standards and protect cannabis from unwanted influences, there must be consistency and regularity in all aspects of the growing procedure, including humidity, water, pest management, and light. For even the most meticulous outdoor cultivators, this can be challenging because controlling environmental factors like humidity and fungal infestation can adversely affect indoor growing cannabis plants.

5. A Healthier Atmosphere for Cannabis

Growing indoors ensures that you provide your grow space with the right systems that could steer plant growth. With LED lights, you can boost the growing process of plants. In addition, the use of indoor equipment like these lights and water systems can lead to less need for additional plant hormones to boost the growth of plants. Growing with LED growlights reduces the need for pesticides. This is a great thing for growers because it benefits the growers or workers who no longer need to face exposures to toxic substances from these sprays.


Growing indoors is the most suitable choice for growers who wish to yield healthy cannabis. You can install LED grow lights to reduce the heat in grow spaces. Unlike plants that grow outside, you can also eliminate the exposure of your plants to chemicals.

Indoor gardening means a healthier environment for plants. If you are planning to start a small or large-scale cannabis project, control your crop by growing indoors and grow efficiently with LED grow lights.

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