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Lifestyle A green leaf laid on top of a scarred sureface.
5 Ways to Cure Scar-Tissue Naturally

It’s rare for anyone to go through life without getting a few scars. And if you happen to be someone who’s gone through surgery, scars easily, or have a serious bout of acne, you know how embarrassing and distressing it is to show off your skin, especially when the unsightly mark is on your face. […]

Lifestyle A person meditating, standing on a mountain peak, in front of the horizon.
Meditation for Beginners: 6 simple tips

Meditation is an ancient practice that allows us to connect to our feelings, thoughts and emotions at a very deep level. This connection usually allows the mind and body to eventually be free of physical and emotional stress, and just Be. 22 minutes a day of listening to your breath can expand your horizons.
The […]

Lifestyle A young classy bohemian woman meditating.
Closet-Hippie in the Workplace: A survival guide

The term ‘hippie’ is often stigmatized. It tends to be associated with smelly, sandal-wearing stoners. Enter closet-hippies. We work across many industries – from yoga studios to defense jobs, and even in government (shout-out to Bernie). We come in many shades, too. For fear of judgment (or dismissal), some of us play our cards […]

Lifestyle Skincare products and a flower.
5 Natural Skin Care Oils That Make Skin Naturally Flawless

Commercial skincare products can be expensive, and most of the time they’re not as effective as they claim to be. Ever wondered what’s in that $40 jar of creamy moisturizer? You’ll be appalled to know what goes in it.
Why most commercial skincare products fail
If you look at a skincare label more closely, you’ll […]

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