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Food & Nutrition 5 quinoa alternatives - other healthy grains; Teff, Sorghum, Kamut (Khorasan), Spelt and Amaranth.
5 Healthy Grains That Pack More Punch Than Quinoa

Quinoa gained popularity because it contains nine of the essential amino acids needed for a healthy diet. It’s also gluten-free, which makes it a healthier alternative to wheat. But quinoa is not the only grain packed with nutrients. There are other super healthy grains out there that you might be missing out on.
What is […]

Lifestyle Young people holding hands, creating a community circle.
The Unexpected Perks of Modern Communities

When most of us think about the word ‘community’, we tend to think on the scale of a neighbourhood, town or perhaps even a city. We may think about seeing the same people in the local cafe; or having the sense that everyone is looking out for one another. Largely, we have positive associations when […]

Lifestyle A trail in a green forest.
Reconnecting with Nature for Good Health

Most of us relate to the notion that it simply ‘feels good’ to be in and around nature. Natural sights and sounds bring a sense of peace, rejuvenation and joy. They tend to help people better handle the many challenges of modern urban living – whether related to career, health or relationships.

The benefits we […]

Food & Nutrition Lentil sprouts in a sprouting-tray placed on a wooden surface.
Sprout This – Sprouting Superfoods for Life

Seeds are miraculous little things. They come pre-loaded with all the genetic blueprints necessary to fully develop and reseed into future generations. They themselves are the latest and greatest iteration of millennia of evolutionary fine-tuning. But they are also packed with an impressive array of vitamins and nutrients that are necessary to support this incredible […]

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