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Movement & Fitness A barefoot-print made out of stones.
Barefoot Living – A Step Ahead

Going barefoot – and returning to the minimalist ways of our caveman predecessors – is growing rapidly in popularity. For those seeking to reconnect with mother earth, return a natural flow to their stride or improve general health, a barefoot lifestyle could be an easily accessible solution. So, let’s take a look at the anatomy […]

Food & Nutrition Perfectly white coconut oil in a glass bowl, with a raw fresh coconut split in half and a spoon next to it.
Coconut Oil – Magic in a Nutshell

Coconut oil has had a rough ride. Today, it’s popular in certain circles of the western world, but is certainly less mainstream than in the 1950s. Not to mention it’s been used for thousands of years by tropical cultures. It’s a bizarre dichotomy. While seen as an essential item by those interested in alternative health […]

Lifestyle A person resting on grass.
10 Hacks to Improve Your Sleeping Sessions

It’s 7 o’clock. Your alarm clock buzzes and you need to be in the office by 9AM. With your eyes still closed, you blindly reach for the snooze button. Five more minutes, you say. Half an hour later, you begrudgingly throw your sheets on the floor, bummed that you have to hit the shower. If […]

Movement & Fitness A man resting in a squat
Interesting Facts About the Natural Squatting Position

Most would never consider ‘sitting’ a health risk. You read that right – sitting. It’s such a comfortable and common position that it’s difficult to imagine that there could be anything fundamentally wrong with it. In the West, we tend to do just about everything in a sitting position – eating, working, reading, and even […]

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