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Top 24 Best Outdoor Dog Bed Options

Your precious pooch is already part of the family, so why wouldn’t you work to ensure that she stays comfortable in hot weather this summer with an outdoor dog bed? Dogs might rely on panting to keep themselves at a pleasant temperature, but all that fur can make it tricky to regulate their core in the heat of summer.

A better option? Let your dog relax on an outdoor dog bed designed to meet her needs. Outdoor dog beds come with a range of features, including mesh platforms to let breezes flow freely and removable canopies to provide shade protection. Others are even made with medical-grade orthopedic memory foam to keep arthritic joints on older dogs extra supported.

No matter what your pet’s needs are, there’s sure to be an outdoor dog bed available that can meet them. Just be sure to invest in a brand that will last more than a single season by looking for ones that are waterproof, easy to wash, and rust resistant. So long as the bed you buy can withstand the elements, it’s sure to make it through your pet’s exuberance as well.

Top 24 Best Outdoor Dog Bed Options

Not sure where to turn for a high-quality pet bed? This list is the perfect place to start your search.

1. Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed with Knitted Fabric: Give your pooch the best treatment with this Coolaroo elevated dog bed. Its off-the-ground design ensures your lounger gets excellent airflow across is body and stays comfortable even in hot weather. The suspended platform design also provides low impact areas to relieve pressure points and keep sensitive joints safe, making this dog bed design ideal for older dogs with arthritis. And you won’t have to worry about keeping it outside, the breathable high-density polyethylene fabric is flea, mite, mold, and mildew resistant, and the overall bed is easy to wash and maintain. You can personalize the bed to fit your pooch by choosing from three sizes (small, medium, and large) and five designer colors.

2. K&H Pet Products Original Elevated Pet Bed: No one wants their pet bed to fall apart after a few weeks outdoors, which is why investing in an outdoor dog bed makes so much more sense. This elevated dog bed from K&H is made from waterproof, 600 denier fabric, and its unique mesh center is designed to help your pet get good airflow and stay cool. The bed can be purchased either medium or large, and it comes with a 1-year warranty to give you peace of mind that you will get the quality you paid for. Best of all, the bed requires tool-free assembly that can be done by one person in minutes. Easy to set up and take down, you can pack this bed into your trunk and easily take it on your next vacation. And with skid-free rubber feet, you won’t have to worry about it scratching up your porch.

3. FurHaven Memory Top Mattress Pet Bed for Dogs: Don’t settle for anything less than medical-grade quality for your dog bed by investing in this FurHaven memory top mattress. The bed’s memory foam padding will conform to your dog’s shape and fully support their weight, leading to optimal comfort and making it a smart choice for older, arthritic dogs. The water-resistant polycanvas cover makes a classy statement indoors and out, meaning that you can place this versatile pet bed wherever you require. The large size measures about 27″ x 36″ x 3″, and it comes with 1.5 inches of medical grade memory foam for maximum comfort.

4. FurHaven Deluxe Orthopedic Polycanvas Water Resistant Mattress Pet Bed: Older dogs still need their day in the sun, and this FurHaven orthopedic bed is designed to make them as comfortable as possible. The mattress pad is designed to fully support joints and soothe your pet’s pressure points to provide the deepest, most relaxed sleep possible. Equipped with an easy step-on mat, the bed is perfect for old or disabled dogs that need a little extra help. Style also isn’t compromised, as the espresso print polycanvas looks excellent both indoors and out. And, when it’s time to be washed, the polycanvas can easily be wiped down.

5. Pawise Dog Bed Cat Bed Dog Mat Teflon Cushion Waterproof: Make comfort AND convenience a priority with your outdoor dog bed purchase by choosing this Pawise dog bed made with quality Teflon material. This waterproof fabric offers exceptional softness for your pet while remaining easy to clean with a swipe of a wet cloth. This bed is designed for crates, carriers or kennels, but its cozy and durable design makes it a stellar option for the great outdoors as well. As an added benefit, the bed comes with a money back guarantee so that you can get a full refund if you aren’t completely satisfied.

6. Floppy Dawg Just Chillin Elevated Dog Bed With Canopy: Your puppy will stay as cool as a cucumber with this cute elevated Floppy Dawg dog bed. The bed is made from breathable mesh to promote better airflow, and it comes equipped with a canopy, ensuring that your pampered pet stays safe from the sun no matter how hot it is outside. You won’t have to worry about moving the bed into the shade on hot days, and the high-quality steel frame is designed to last through years of usage. And considering all that’s included, the bed is lightweight and portable, meaning that you can quickly set it up wherever you want. It’s a classy addition to any backyard setup.

7. SportPet Designs Large Pop Open Kennel: Looking for a cozy cove for your small dog or cat? SportPet’s pop open kennel might be the perfect option. This private cave will provide your pet with the sense of security she craves, and it folds down for ultra-easy storage when you don’t want it in sight. Best of all, the bed comes included with seatbelt straps to make car travel safe and straightforward, and the removable, washable pad is a soft cushion on one side and completely waterproof on the other. The included drawstring bag makes it easy to take wherever you want it, making this the perfect outdoor dog bed.

8. PETMAKER Waterproof Memory Foam Pet Bed: Memory foam makes some of the best pet beds, but it’s no fun worrying that it will fall apart over time. This top-quality memory foam bed from METMAKER is entirely waterproof, ensuring that it will last outdoors in all weather without issue. Its portable design makes it perfect to take on trips, and the foam-filled design offers maximum comfort for dogs of any age. In fact, it’s optimal for any pet with arthritic joints. And once the bed starts to show a little wear, you can clean it effortlessly by popping the removable cover into the washing machine.

9. Rau De Pet Comfortable Extra Large Cooling Mat For Dogs: Nothing is more miserable than too much fur on a hot day, but short of giving your pooch a haircut, what are you supposed to do? The solution is to invest in an outdoor pet bed that cools your dog down naturally, like the Rau De Pet cooling mat. This mat is designed to automatically cool your pet once they sit on it, no refrigeration, water or electricity needed. The matt will continue cooling for three hours, and after a fifteen-minute break, it will cool for another three hours, making it perfect for travel or a day outdoors without ample shade. Washing it is simple- just wipe it down with a damp cloth.

10. Favorite Portable Roll Up Waterproof Dog Bed Mat Cushion: Are you looking for an outdoor dog bed that will work in crates, carriers, cars, and the great outdoors as well? This portable roll-up dog bed is an impressively comfortable cushion, and it’s completely waterproof too. You can take it anywhere by rolling it up with the included straps, and the anti-wear fabric won’t easily tear and is simple to clean. Designed with older dogs in mind, this bed makes it easy to bring them comfort wherever you travel.

11. Coleman Roll-Up Waterproof Travel Bed: Don’t plan your next camping trip without considerating the needs of your pet! This Coleman roll-up travel bed takes up little space and is easy to add to a crate or the back of a car to keep things simple and comfy. The durable, weatherproof material has a non-skid bottom to prevent tears, though it’s still wholly washable for easy cleaning once the trip is done. And for easy transportation, it comes with sewn-in handles.

12. Gen7Pets Cool Air Trailblazer Blue Pet Cot: Give man’s best friend his very own cot outdoors with the Gen7Pets trailblazer cot. Thanks to its elevated bed frame, the bed is designed to keep your pet fresh and comfortable in even in hot weather. The Smart-Air Flow mesh fabric promotes airflow through all sides of the bed, keeping your pet feeling content both indoors and out. The curved raised back provides extra comfort by letting your pet curl up against the edge for a sense of extra protection. The bed is designed for quick assembly, and the top-quality steel frame is entirely rust resistant. Note: this bed is specifically designed for pets under 60 pounds.

13. Lifepul(TM) Pets Bed Mat, Ultra Soft Dog Bed Cover: Looking for an ultra-cute dog bed that works both indoors and out? This bed mat from Lifepul should check every category on your list. Designed to be durable and long-lasting, this bed can be placed on top of couches to prevent your pooch from making them dirty. You can conveniently roll up the bed to just a fraction of its size, and it comes with a drawstring bag to make transportation easy. In short, it’s an outdoor dog bed that might become a staple pet item for your travels.

14. My Doggy Place Ultra Absorbent Microfiber Chenille Dog Door Mat: This absorbent dog door mat might not be a bed, but it’s the perfect solution for keeping your house clean if you live with an indoor-outdoor dog. Thanks to its microfiber properties, this mat soaks up dirt and water almost magically from scruffy paws, and the durable construction ensures it won’t slip around on your floor. This mat is the perfect way to complement a doggy day spent out in the sun.

15. K&H Pet Products Original Bolster Pet Cot Elevated Pet Bed with Removable Bolsters: Don’t let your pet suffer from the heat this summer! This bolster pet cot from K&H makes comfort its top priority by providing your pet stay comfortable no matter how high the thermometer climbs. The waterproof fabric is designed to last for years on end, and the cushioned sides give it a classy, couch-like look. Despite its delicate appearance, the bed is designed for durability and tested for strength, ensuring that one of the three available sizes is sure to be perfect for your pet.

16. Internet’s Best Dog Cot | Elevated Pet Bed: Looking to keep your pet comfortable without spending a fortune? There’s no reason to look further than this elevated pet cot for an outdoor dog bed. Whether your pup chooses to lay on top of it (or even underneath it), the cool mesh design ensures that they will feel every breeze while staying out of reach of pesky bugs. And don’t let its lightweight design fool you- this bed is designed to hold up to 150 pounds with ease, making it perfect for just about every dog breed. When it’s time to clean up its appearance, a few swipes with a wet rag should do the trick.

17. Best Choice Products 30″ Raised Mesh Cot Cooling Dog Bed w/ Canopy Tent: Every day will feel like a spa day for your favorite pet with this classy and comfortable raised mesh bed with a canopy top. Crafted with a durable steel frame, this cot can withstand years of use and keep dogs comfortable out in your yard. Conveniently designed with a travel bag, this bed can also be packed up in seconds and stowed away in the car for easy transit to your next adventure. With a weight capacity of 66 pounds, this is the perfect outdoor dog bed solution for your midsize furry friend.

18. Paw Essentials PM0022-L-G 28″ x 40″ Oxford Fabric Waterproof Pet Mat: Are you looking for a pet pad that is effortless to set up at home or outdoors? Paw Essentials offers an excellent waterproof option that is suitable for all weather without risk of developing mold or breaking down from exposure. Designed to be convenient, this bed can be treated just like a picnic blanket to provide your pet with some quick comfort.

19. UEETEK Pet Dog Blanket, Waterproof Pet Mat for Dog: Don’t compromise on style just because you’re prioritizing your pet’s comfort! This double-sided blanket has two cute designs for double the versatility. One side is made of soft suede for maximum comfort, and the other is waterproof oxford cloth to ensure your pet is well covered for every situation. The collapsible design comes with a shoulder bag to make it convenient for travel, which means you will soon use it as your go-to outdoor dog bed.

20. K&H Pet Products Pet Cot Canopy (Cot sold separately): If you’ve already got a quality pet bed on hand but want to provide your pooch with a little extra shade, you can’t go wrong with the K&H pet cot canopy. Though it’s specifically designed to go with K&H brand beds, you can use it in any situation where your canine companion needs a little sun protection. Designed not to collect water or debris, this long-lasting canopy will probably make you jealous of your pet’s comfort!

21. Cozy Hut Orthopedic Memory Foam Pet Bed Mattress for Dogs with Removable Machine Washable Cover: Regular dog beds can be too harsh for arthritic joints, which is why investing in a Cozy Hut memory foam outdoor pet bed is the right solution for aging dogs. The orthopedic-standard material provides optimal comfort, and the bed comes with a washable cover to ensure that you can keep it clean without effort. Designed to retain its shape no matter how much snoozing takes place on it, this bed is anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites as well. Pair that with a no-slip bottom to keep it in place, and the bed is a winner for the whole (pet) family.

22. Lightspeed Outdoors Self Inflating Travel Dog Bed: Lots of dog beds claim to be space efficient- but few can match the Lightspeed travel outdoor dog bed for comfort. Just twist the nozzle, and this bed will move from flat to fully inflated in just seconds, and the design is strong enough to withstand popping from overeager paws. Deflating is just as easy, as you merely twist the nozzle again and let it shrink back to size. Best of all, the bed is machine-washable and puncture resistant to ensure it lasts. And rest assured you’re covered even if it doesn’t- the bed comes with a 1-year warranty.

23. PLS Manufacturing Wooden Elevated Dog Bed: Does your tiny dog seem dwarfed by standard dog beds? Then you need to check out this PLS wooden elevated dog bed, designed especially for pups under 10 pounds. This sturdy wooden frame comes with a cute cushioned mat on top, and the cover is removable for easy washing. No tools are required for this easy assembly, meaning your little pet can enjoy the comforts of a raised platform within minutes of you buying it.

24. Majestic Pet Indoor Outdoor Pet Dog Bed with Removable Washable Cover: Who says you have to choose between form and function? Even your pup knows how trendy chevron is right now, so help her reach her style potential with this cute and comfortable outdoor dog bed. The heavy duty waterproof fabric is made as a slipcover, meaning that you can quickly remove it for convenient washing when the time comes.

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