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Lydia Noyes is an Appalachian homesteader and writer that lives on a land trust deep in the mountains of West Virginia.

Green Living house fly sitting on rusty metal
Natural Ways to Deal with the Insect Pests in Your Home

Are tiny, unwanted creatures lurking around your home? Insects might be a huge benefit to the outside environment, but feel people feel as pleased to see them taking residence in their house. If your home is becoming overrun with hordes of bugs, it might be time to make some changes so they feel a little […]

Lifestyle anxious man covering face while sitting before a laptop
Fifteen Top Natural Remedies For Treating Anxiety

Money problems, health concerns, and an insecure political situation: there’s a lot to be anxious about in the modern world. If you find yourself spending too many sleepless nights with a racing heart while imagining one terrible situation after another, you might be suffering from anxiety.

There’s no reason to suffer any longer. Anxiety is […]

Food & Nutrition non-stick frying pan on a gas burner
Stay Away From Non-Stick: Use These 3 Pots Instead

How much thought do you put into your cookware? My guess is very little. Life is expensive enough without worrying about the kinds of pots and pans you fill your kitchen with, and if you’re anything like me, you’re happy to buy whatever you see on the sale rack.

Yet, what you see on that […]

Green Living closeup of coffee beans and grounds
20 Best Ways To Put Your Old Coffee Grounds To Use

For better or worse, the world runs on coffee. The humble coffee bean once existed solely in eastern Africa, but it’s delicious taste and addicting caffeine content caused it to quickly spread throughout the world in the modern age. Today, coffee is one of the most heavily traded commodities in the world; second only to […]

Green Living reduce reuse recycle logo in a cloud against blue sky
Easy Ways to Reuse Your 17 Common Household Items

“Reduce, reuse, recycle.”

It’s a mantra instilled in most people from a young age. So long as the right bins are around us recycling is easy, and we all like to THINK we do a great job of not giving in to our every consumerist desire. However, for most people the hardest part of this […]

Lifestyle cloudy winter skies affect SAD
Best 9 Natural Remedies to Successfully Treat Seasonal Depression

Do thick winter clouds give you the blues? You’re not alone. Studies show that up to 20 percent of Americans suffer from some form of Seasonal Affective Disorder (appropriately abbreviated to ‘SAD’) every year. Chilly weather and a lack of sunlight lead millions to suffer endless bouts of the blues, unexplained fatigue and even more […]

Food & Nutrition avocado cut in half exposing pit
Go Beyond Guacamole: 16 Ways to Enjoy Your Avocados

It’s hard to have a party without a heaping bowl of guacamole hogging the table. Everyone’s favorite green treat is tasty on chips and far too easy to gorge yourself on. However, thousands around the world are starting to embrace the other elements of the humble avocado and are exploring some different uses for it. […]

Lifestyle woman massaging person's back
Combating Stress Through Massage: An Insider’s Guide

Dreaming of a spa day? Your desire for some pampering isn’t just a form of unnecessary indulgence- it can also make you healthier. As it turns out, getting a massage has plenty of benefits for you besides simply making you feel incredible. In a world filled with uncomfortable desk chairs, too little exercise, and constant […]

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