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Lifestyle white body butter in a jar
The Benefits Of Natural Body Butters For Your Skin

Your skin is your body’s biggest organ, and it pays to take care of it. Not only is your skin one of the first things people will notice about you, but it also acts as a barrier between the rest of your body and the nasty chemicals and pollutants in the world around you.

There’s […]

Lifestyle closeup of part of a feng shui compass
Top Tips For Using Feng Shui In Your Life Today

Do you think the state of your home affects your daily mood? Strange but true, it probably does more than you know. Though the world gets more interconnected every year, more people are choosing to work right from home. You might not think it affects your creativity to work in a cluttered space, but the […]

Lifestyle Cedar oil in a glass bottle and a cedar cones with nuts on a brown wooden background
Top Uses For Cedar Oil For Your Home And Skin

Are you overwhelmed by the cleaning aisle of the grocery store? Do you find it disconcerting to look through the hundreds of products that all claim to be the absolute best? If your mind while shopping feels as chaotic as your crowded cleaning closet, it’s time to make a change.

As it turns out, there […]

Green Living cross section of fresh water
Compost Water Heater: Hot Water Without Electricity

Everyone loves hot water in the home, but the ecological cost of long, hot showers powered by fossil fueled water heaters add some guilt to those long hours in the bathroom. What if you could have a huge supply of hot water heated by the compost pile in your garden? Instead of greenhouses gasses, the […]

Lifestyle vial of essential oil
A Beginners Guide to Understanding Essential Oils

Plants are more powerful than we know. Unlike animals, plants don’t have the power to run away when threatened, which has caused them to slowly evolve with arsenals of powerful defenses against would-be eaters. These chemicals are antioxidants and have as many benefits for us as they do for plants. For this reason, people have […]

Lifestyle woman with long natural curly hair
The Best Natural Hair Care Ideas For Curly Hair

Living a natural lifestyle means being intentional about several different aspects of your life, including your diet, physical fitness and even clothes. But have you given much thought to the ways you take care of your hair? Specifically, curly hair can be a challenge for anyone to maintain, and turning towards natural options eliminates plenty […]

Lifestyle himalayan salt lamp lit and sitting on a table
Himalayan Salt Lamps: 6 Benefits You Probably Didn’t know

In recent years, using Himalayan salt to produce stunningly beautiful salt lamps has become wildly popular, for the health benefits as much as the aesthetics. These lamps are simply large chunks of salt that are hollowed out and modified to include a small light. Alternatively, you can also make a lamp by burying a light […]

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