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Gardening & Farming permaculture garden planning for sustainability
Permaculture Ethics for a More Sustainable World

In recent years, permaculture has influenced thousands of people to begin to search for more sustainable ways to live in harmony and community with the natural world and the community of people around them. More than just a simple collection of organic farming tools and methods, the permaculture movement rests on three main ethics that […]

Gardening & Farming microclimates within an urban landscape
The Importance of Microclimates to Landscape Design

The climate you live in largely determines what you can grow and when you can grow it. Most of us have heard of the United States Department of Agriculture climate zones. Those numbers that come on the packets of every seed packet serve to remind us we’ll be hard-pressed to grow peaches in Michigan or […]

Gardening & Farming growing cannabis indoors: a healthy indoor-grown cannabis plant.
Is Growing Indoors The Best Way to Yield Healthy Cannabis?

Although many states in the USA are blessed with appropriate weather conditions and ample sunshine, recent cannabis regulations mandate that cannabis growers are required to grow indoors to avoid growing in the public eye. A majority of the states across the USA have legalized the use of medical marijuana and legal commercial grow operations are […]

Gardening & Farming dandelions in the foreground with grass behind
The Surprising Health Benefits in Your Weedy Lawn

What exactly is a weed?

Great thinkers have argued over a proper definition for centuries. Ralph Waldo Emerson provided a redemptive perspective on the scourge of gardeners by calling them “a plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered”, while Doug Larson took the more pragmatic approach- that they are “a plant that has mastered […]

Gardening & Farming tilled earth on farmland exposing rich topsoil
Topsoil: A Catalyst for Better Health and Nutrition

Where do we stand without soil? Everything begins and ends with the soil.

‘Topsoil’ is the upper couple inches of soil that covers large areas of the arable parts of the surface of our Earth. It is formed by the slow but steady decomposition of organic material by a host of microscopic organisms.

Unfortunately, close […]