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Gardening & Farming tilled earth on farmland exposing rich topsoil
Topsoil: A Catalyst for Better Health and Nutrition

Where do we stand without soil? Everything begins and ends with the soil.

‘Topsoil’ is the upper couple inches of soil that covers large areas of the arable parts of the surface of our Earth. It is formed by the slow but steady decomposition of organic material by a host of microscopic organisms.

Unfortunately, close […]

Gardening & Farming hands holding plant in rich terra preta
Terra Preta: Black Gold in the Amazon Rain Forest Soil

Most people believe that the Amazon Rainforest is nothing but a virgin paradise of untouched wilderness. Recent studies have shown, however, that much of the Amazon might very well have been a landscape designed by the patient persistence of indigenous cultures who interacted with the land and the local ecosystems. What if the Amazon Rainforest […]