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Cecille Doroja likes digging through fads to uncover the real deal on wellbeing. As a health writer, her mission, through writing, is to help like-minded individuals find their route to better health.

Food & Nutrition Colorful varieties of kale
5 Dairy-free Sources of Calcium

Dairy is an excellent source of calcium, which is good for our bones and teeth. This mineral is also responsible for keeping the blood vessels healthy and for regulating blood pressure. Additionally, studies show that calcium intake can help prevent insulin resistance.

Although dairy can be a great source of calcium, there are people who […]

Food & Nutrition 5 quinoa alternatives - other healthy grains; Teff, Sorghum, Kamut (Khorasan), Spelt and Amaranth.
5 Healthy Grains That Pack More Punch Than Quinoa

Quinoa gained popularity because it contains nine of the essential amino acids needed for a healthy diet. It’s also gluten-free, which makes it a healthier alternative to wheat. But quinoa is not the only grain packed with nutrients. There are other super healthy grains out there that you might be missing out on.
What is […]

Lifestyle A person resting on grass.
10 Hacks to Improve Your Sleeping Sessions

It’s 7 o’clock. Your alarm clock buzzes and you need to be in the office by 9AM. With your eyes still closed, you blindly reach for the snooze button. Five more minutes, you say. Half an hour later, you begrudgingly throw your sheets on the floor, bummed that you have to hit the shower. If […]

Lifestyle A green leaf laid on top of a scarred sureface.
5 Ways to Cure Scar-Tissue Naturally

It’s rare for anyone to go through life without getting a few scars. And if you happen to be someone who’s gone through surgery, scars easily, or have a serious bout of acne, you know how embarrassing and distressing it is to show off your skin, especially when the unsightly mark is on your face. […]

Lifestyle Skincare products and a flower.
5 Natural Skin Care Oils That Make Skin Naturally Flawless

Commercial skincare products can be expensive, and most of the time they’re not as effective as they claim to be. Ever wondered what’s in that $40 jar of creamy moisturizer? You’ll be appalled to know what goes in it.
Why most commercial skincare products fail
If you look at a skincare label more closely, you’ll […]