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Lifestyle Japanese futon mattress
Japanese Futon Mattress: Best 5 Picks in 2022

What is a Japanese Futon Mattress?
If you have ever travelled to Japan for a vacation or business trip, chance are that during a warm, sunny morning, you’ll find strange looking, thick blankets hanging from virtually every window balcony across Tokyo or any other major urban center. Despite having made enormous technological progress, the Japanese […]

Lifestyle gots-certified
GOTS: What Does “GOTS Certified” Really Mean?

The clothes we wear, the sheets on our bed, and the blankets that keep us warm at night are all made from different types of textiles and fabrics. One hundred years ago, the vast majority of fibers that were used for our textiles came from organically produced and grown cotton or sheep wool that were raised on a backyard farm. Today, synthetic fibers, most of which are sourced from the petrochemical industry, dominate the market. While these synthetic fibers might be cheaper to produce, they also cause a number of health and environmental-related problems, which we will explore below. GOTS certification is one way that consumers can make sure that they are only purchasing healthy, non-toxic, and socially just textile fabrics for their homes.

Lifestyle wool mattress topper
7 Best Wool Mattress Toppers – 2019 Buyer’s Guide

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), one out of every three adults do not get enough sleep at night, thus leading to a number of potentially serious health issues. Finding the best mattress for your bedroom is certainly an important element for getting a good night of sleep and staying healthy and rested. What many people don’t understand, however, is that the bedding accessories you choose can also affect either positively or negatively your overall health and quality of sleep. Wool mattress toppers are relatively inexpensive accessories that can improve your sleep experience no matter what type of mattress you have.

Lifestyle A person resting on grass.
10 Hacks to Improve Your Sleeping Sessions

It’s 7 o’clock. Your alarm clock buzzes and you need to be in the office by 9AM. With your eyes still closed, you blindly reach for the snooze button. Five more minutes, you say. Half an hour later, you begrudgingly throw your sheets on the floor, bummed that you have to hit the shower. If […]

Food & Nutrition spoons with spirulina supplements and powder
10 Health Benefits of Spirulina

Food is medicine, and spirulina is no exception. Humanity has consumed spirulina for centuries (maybe as early as biblical times) and its many health benefits may even replace medications in time.
Nutrient dense food
If nothing else, spirulina is chock full of nutrients the body desperately needs. It’s about 60% protein and contains all essential […]

Lifestyle Essential oils for teeth grinding
12 Best Essential Oils for Teeth Grinding

A painful mouth is enough to ruin every other part of your life, but did you know that essential oils can provide relief? While they might be an unexpected solution, using essential oils for teeth grinding is an all-natural way to cure your pain and reclaim your mouth for good. Don’t believe it? Keep reading […]

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