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Exotic Herbs and Foods to Invigorate Your Sex Life

If you watch TV, you probably can’t go but a few minutes without hearing some sort of commercial or advertisement for certain pills that help men who suffer from erectile dysfunction or other related problems. Pharmacies are filled with prescriptions medicines to help both men and women deal with reduced libido or loss of their sex drive. Instead of depending on chemical medicines that often times come with dangerous side effects, there are a number of natural aphrodisiacs that can help you find ways to recover an important and necessary part of life.

The Chemical Assault on Reproduction and Libido

On any given day, chances are that each and every one of us comes into contact with thousands of human manufactured chemical substances. The food we eat, the pesticides on our lawns, the plastics that package our food and drink, the medicines we take, and dozens of other daily interactions are all tainted by the prevalence of chemicals.

According to one study, 4 out of 10 men over the age of 45 suffer from low testosterone levels which lower the libido. Women also suffer from similar levels of decreased libido with another study showing that over 1/3 of women aged 18 to 59 suffer from lack of interest in sex. While there are many, diverse causes for a lowered sex drive including psychological factors, one of the main causes of a depressed sex drive is due to chemical reactions in the body.

Many of the medications that we regularly take can affect your libido. For example, certain blood pressure medications are known to lower testosterone levels in men which obviously affects libido. Furthermore, women on birth control will often suffer from rather severe hormonal changes in their body which may disrupt their level of interest in sex.

The level of stress in our lives coupled with depression, alcohol abuse and other effects of an unhealthy lifestyle also contribute to a reduced and diminished sex drive. Also, the fact that our lives are so inundated by different chemical substances makes it almost impossible to truly understand the effects of these chemicals on our bodies.

Indigenous Cultures and Natural Aphrodisiacs

An aphrodisiac is considered to be any food or drug that arouses natural sexual instinct, induces sexual desire and increases pleasure and performance. Indigenous cultures around the world have long had an intimate connection to the natural world. An important aspect of that connection was learning of the health effects of medicinal plants and herbs.

While medicinal plants have been instrumental in treating all sorts of serious health problems, some plants were found to have the distinct effect of increasing sexual desire in men and women.

For example, the Spanish Fly is a green beetle found in different regions of the world. It contains large amounts of tharides, a chemical substance that can be toxic if consumed in large amounts. Different indigenous cultures found that consuming certain amounts of Spanish fly cause sexual arousal in both men and women. From a medical standpoint, the tharides in the Spanish fly cause irritation to the genitals which leads to increased blood flow that stimulates sexual excitement.

Distinct indigenous cultures from different parts of the world all identified unique plants, herbs and even animals that affected human sex drive. In traditional Chinese medicine, a strong libido was considered to be a sign of health and vitality. Chinese ginseng, rehmannia, and epimedium are three traditional Chinese herbs that are considered to improve the natural sex drive.

The Evolutionary Importance of Libido-Enhancing Herbs

While we often consider aphrodisiacs to be used only for the purpose of pleasure, there is also an evolutionary importance that comes with libido-enhancing herbs and plants. Procreation has always been an important aspect of our species survival. Without a sex drive human population would understandably suffer.

Aphrodisiacs, then, were actively sought out throughout human history to ensure and guarantee both male and female sexual potency as a way to safeguard the continuity of the human species.

Five of the Most Potent Natural Aphrodisiacs

While each and every culture throughout history learned to identify their own natural aphrodisiacs, our modern-day culture has the benefit of being able to access the accumulated wisdom of different cultures around the world. Below we offer a brief summary of five of the most potent “sex herbs” or natural aphrodisiacs that can be found today.

Cobra Blood

While the idea of drinking snake blood might not be appetizing to many people, many Asian cultures have used cobra blood and meat as a potent natural aphrodisiac. While the meat can be consumed as a delicacy, the blood was often fermented into an alcoholic beverage. If drinking gets your hormones moving, then a cobra blood cocktail will sure to keep you aroused.


Blowfish, also known as fugu, is a Japanese delicacy that is also recognized as a potent libido enhancing food. This fish is also a potent toxin, so don’t try and prepare this aphrodisiac by yourself. When properly prepared, this fish will produce a tingling sensation in one’s mouth that eventually makes its way to the sexual organs.

maca root and maca powder in a bowl


The Andean tuber called maca is South America’s contribution to one of the greatest natural aphrodisiacs for men. Maca contains large amounts of sterol, a potent chemical that boosts libido. If you are tired of eating simple mashed potatoes for dinner, try some maca powder as a substitute that will lead to an interesting night.


Fertilized duck eggs, also known as Balut in many Asian cultures, is another natural libido enhancer. Perhaps it is the fact that these eggs are already fertilized, but a balut omelet is sure to have some unexpected effects on both men and women.

Giant Leaf Cutter Ants

As a child, you probably enjoyed watching giant leaf cutter ants carry away pieces of leaves and vegetation as they cut a path through a forest. The giant leaf cutter ants of South America have long been a traditional gift to newlyweds on their wedding day (and night).

The Benefits of Natural Aphrodisiacs

Life can be stressful, and together with so many different chemicals that make their way into our bodies, many of us might need a little help to keep our libido active. Instead of depending on strong chemical substances that might cause more long term harm than good, indigenous cultures around the world have given us a whole menu of aphrodisiac foods, herbs, and plants that act as natural sex drive enhancers.

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