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Everything You Need To Know Before (and after) Buying a Fishing Backpack

Imagine a diehard fisherman getting ready for what was supposed to be an epic fishing trip. After hours of organizing baits, tackles, hooks, and other necessities into a backpack, when it comes time to cast the first line, he finds that a hole in his backpack has essentially left him without bait after hiking several hours to an ideal fishing spot in the mountains.

Finding the best fishing backpack is an absolute necessary for serious fishermen. While tackle boxes might have been the preferred tool of choice for your grandfather, new designs of high quality fishing backpacks have led most fishermen to leave the tackle box on the shelves of the garage.

Below, we take an in depth look at some of the best fishing backpacks on the market today. We also offer a few suggestions for what to look for in the best fishing backpacks before deciding on one to purchase.

What to Look for in a Fishing Backpack?

There are three main characteristics that need to be taken into account when searching for the best fishing backpack.

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, you need to find one with several, well-organized compartments. Unlike the traditional school backpack or even many backpacking packs that only have 1-2 large compartments, a quality fishing backpack will need to have several smaller compartments to help you separate your gear and maintain things well ordered.

Secondly, those individual compartments are essentially useless unless they also have a good zipper. You certainly want to find a backpack where each and every zipper relies on the top technology to avoid the zipper getting stuck or broken.

Lastly, the quality of the material, including the stitching is also an important thing to take into consideration. Even a small hole in a backpack can cause a mini-disaster when on a long fishing trips as many pieces of bait, hooks, and other essential fishing equipment are tiny in size. A high quality canvas material will also help to avoid snags that can lead to tears if a sharp hook gets stuck on your bag. Double or even triple stitched seams will lead to a sturdier backpack that will last longer and be much durable, especially if you head into the backcountry to find that perfect fishing spot.

A quality fishing backpack will make sure that you have complete control over the organization of your fishing supplies. Furthermore, the durability and quality of manufacture will also help you enjoy time waiting for the fish to bite instead of searching through the weeds for you bag of hooks that fell through a hole in your bag.

Top 12 Best Fishing Backpack Options

1. Custom Leathercraft Wild River: Fishing is usually considered a daytime activity. With the Custom Leathercraft Wild River fishing backpacker, their integrated LED light system allows you to fish at all hours. Furthermore, a mounted sunglass holder will keep your glasses safe while the protective rain cover can easily cover up your belongings during those unexpected afternoon showers.

2. Allen Platte Fishing Bag: This gear bag isn’t really a backpack as much as a fishing bag. However, its large size allows you to either completely pack up your old tackle box or carry separately your essential fishing gear. The built in rod tube carry straps make it easy to haul this fishing backpack long distances.

3. Wild River Tackle Tek: This unique fishing backpack includes access to technology so you can take a picture of that monster fish you just hauled in and send it to all your friends and acquaintances. The Wild River Tackle Tek has a USB port and several charging ports for smartphones. It also includes two tackle boxes and great rain protection.

4. Shimano Blackmoon: The Shimano Blackmoon comes equipped with comfortable, padded shoulder straps which make this fishing backpack a great choice for people who plan on hiking in to their favorite river or mountain lake for a weekend of fishing. The textured fabric construction providing also makes this backpack super durable and includes lots of external storage for your fishing accessories.

5. Tackle Time Fishing Backpack: This backpack is lightweight enough that even your young son or daughter might be able to carry it along during a family fishing trip. The separate insulated foil lined storage section is great for cans or bottles and the small pockets are a great way to organize your utensils and/or fishing tools.

6. Glacier Glove: The Glacier Glove is one of the few fishing backpacks that includes a wader compartment with attached changing mat. You an even attach your wading boots to dry off while not getting the rest of your gear wet. Other unique features include extra room for gear, reels, tippet, and an H2O bladder holder, with added storage options on top of the pack.

7. Phantom Aquatics: This pack is 100% waterproof and it can even float if your pack accidentally makes its way into the water. The high quality construction will protect your gear and personal belongings from everything including dust, sand, dirt and water. The two-way sealing system, makes for an even safer and secure design. The large internal zip pocket is also a great way to divide your gear into different compartments.

8. Calcutta Tackle: The Calcutta Tackle fishing backpack allows you to take along both your essential fishing gear and a laptop if you absolutely cannot leave your work life behind. The padded laptop pouch will keep your computers safe and dry while the trays (included) in their own compartment will keep your fishing gear separate. Furthermore, there are seven exterior pockets for other storage options.

9. Piscifun Sports Shoulder Tackle Bag: This fishing backpack is made from a 1000D Waterproof Nylon Material and an ergonomic single shoulder strap. The smaller interior bag on the front of the pack is a great place to keep your cell phone while the interior pouches are perfect for your fishing gear.

10. OkeeChobee Fats: If you are looking for maximum storage in a tackle box type pack, the OkeeChobee Fats fishing backpack might be the best option for you. This pack is made from heavy duty water resistant fabric and has a Neoprene wrap handle. Several zipper closures, exterior tool holders and elastic accessory loop make it a great way to stay organized when out on the lake.

11. EYourLife Tactical Fishing Pack: This is one of the sturdiest fishing backpacks on the market today. It includes military grade proprietary blocking material, while a hidden zip pocket will keep your personal items safe. The padded shoulder straps, mesh padded back, adjustable chest straps, and top handle offer comfort even for heavy loads. Lastly, the interior zip pocket and mesh pocket are perfect for maximum organization.

12. SuperFisher Fishing Backpack: Lastly, this great pack is one of the largest fishing backpacks on the market. You can easily pack along your own tackle box and still have room for other fishing gear and personal items. The huge bag is also water resistant and the big interior compartments can hold fishing rods that can be taken apart.

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