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Green Living blue natural plaster wall in a livingroom
Natural Plasters: A Simple Way to Beautify Your Home

Most home interiors these days are constructed with commercially made drywall. The days when plastering was a dignified occupation of skilled workers who passed down their art from master to apprentice have long since passed. Drywall, aside from being rather simple and unattractive, can also be filled with enormous amounts of dangerous chemicals. Natural plasters […]

Lifestyle himalayan salt lamp lit and sitting on a table
Himalayan Salt Lamps: 6 Benefits You Probably Didn’t know

In recent years, using Himalayan salt to produce stunningly beautiful salt lamps has become wildly popular, for the health benefits as much as the aesthetics. These lamps are simply large chunks of salt that are hollowed out and modified to include a small light. Alternatively, you can also make a lamp by burying a light […]

Green Living reduce reuse recycle logo in a cloud against blue sky
Easy Ways to Reuse Your 17 Common Household Items

“Reduce, reuse, recycle.”

It’s a mantra instilled in most people from a young age. So long as the right bins are around us recycling is easy, and we all like to THINK we do a great job of not giving in to our every consumerist desire. However, for most people the hardest part of this […]

Green Living closeup of coffee beans and grounds
20 Best Ways To Put Your Old Coffee Grounds To Use

For better or worse, the world runs on coffee. The humble coffee bean once existed solely in eastern Africa, but it’s delicious taste and addicting caffeine content caused it to quickly spread throughout the world in the modern age. Today, coffee is one of the most heavily traded commodities in the world; second only to […]

Green Living woman in lab coat holding syringe and apple
Dangers and Promises of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s)

One of the most controversial aspects of our industrial farming and industrial food system are genetically modified organisms. During the past decades, these crops have gone from the test tubes of laboratories into the fields of mega farmers and finally to our dinner plates. If you have shopped at a grocery store, chances are that […]

Gardening & Farming tilled earth on farmland exposing rich topsoil
Topsoil: A Catalyst for Better Health and Nutrition

Where do we stand without soil? Everything begins and ends with the soil.

‘Topsoil’ is the upper couple inches of soil that covers large areas of the arable parts of the surface of our Earth. It is formed by the slow but steady decomposition of organic material by a host of microscopic organisms.

Unfortunately, close […]