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Mindy is a writer, mother, and homesteader-in-the-making with a passion for natural health. She writes about embracing a healthier and more intentional life and enjoys encouraging others to pursue their best life too.

Food & Nutrition cod liver oil capsules tumbling out of a glass jar
How Cod Liver Oil Can Improve Your Health

If you look around the natural health community you are likely to see cod liver oil being recommended left and right. But what’s the big deal about it? Cod liver oil is an excellent supplement because it’s derived from real food (cod livers to be exact) and has tons of things our bodies need to […]

Food & Nutrition spoons with spirulina supplements and powder
10 Health Benefits of Spirulina

Food is medicine, and spirulina is no exception. Humanity has consumed spirulina for centuries (maybe as early as biblical times) and its many health benefits may even replace medications in time.
Nutrient dense food
If nothing else, spirulina is chock full of nutrients the body desperately needs. It’s about 60% protein and contains all essential […]

Lifestyle pair of hands harnassing energy
How to Increase Energy Naturally: 7 Important Tips

If you have an energy slump every afternoon or feel too tired to exercise (even if you’ve only been at a desk all day) you may be experiencing an energy crisis. Fatigue is a huge complaint in our modern world but unless you have a chronic illness that’s causing your fatigue, you can start feeling […]

Lifestyle Man, woman and two children walking in nature
How to Stay Healthy Through Flu Season

From kids going back to school to you spending more hours at the office, winter brings seemingly unending viruses. Luckily, there are things you can do at home to help boost your immune system so you can avoid getting sick or, if you can’t avoid it, to get better faster.
Don’t get the flu shot […]