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Mike is a holistic health writer specializing in healthy lifestyle and chronic illness. By combining his aerospace background with the study of mindfulness and meditation, he explores the intersection of conventional and alternative.

Food & Nutrition Matcha powder - an alternative to coffee.
6 Reliable Alternatives to Coffee You Should Try Today

In the US, approximately 80% of the population consumes caffeine daily – much of this coming in the form of coffee. Historically speaking however, the US (and much of the Western world) was late to the coffee game. Alas, it appears we’ve made up for lost time, for consumption of coffee and other caffeinated beverages […]

Lifestyle A young woman solo-viewing the sea
Journey of Purpose – Modern Vision Quests

For many of us, life is about finding, pursuing and developing a purpose. While simple in premise, it seems we can spend a lifetime in search of true meaning. Native cultures too, pondered their place in the world and their communities. Unlike most modern earth-dwellers however, native cultures developed formalized social structures to support and […]

Lifestyle Natural skin care cream in a jar, with green leaves next to it.
Natural Skin Care: The Deeper Story

The skin – the largest organ in the human body – plays a number of subtle yet critical roles in our health. It’s also among the first of our features seen by the outside world. It comes as no surprise then, that the global skincare industry is huge – $121 Billion huge – and growing. […]

Movement & Fitness A woman practicing tai-chi in a natural environment.
A Beginners Guide to Modern Tai Chi

The term ‘tai chi’ is somewhat familiar to most of us. It’s common to envision slow, measured, low-impact movements performed by elderly, zen-looking men or women. There’s a good reason for this, as most tai chi forms are rooted in intentional, meditative movements. Yes, this makes them perfect for older generations. But, tai chi can […]

Lifestyle Young people holding hands, creating a community circle.
The Unexpected Perks of Modern Communities

When most of us think about the word ‘community’, we tend to think on the scale of a neighbourhood, town or perhaps even a city. We may think about seeing the same people in the local cafe; or having the sense that everyone is looking out for one another. Largely, we have positive associations when […]

Lifestyle A trail in a green forest.
Reconnecting with Nature for Good Health

Most of us relate to the notion that it simply ‘feels good’ to be in and around nature. Natural sights and sounds bring a sense of peace, rejuvenation and joy. They tend to help people better handle the many challenges of modern urban living – whether related to career, health or relationships.

The benefits we […]

Food & Nutrition Lentil sprouts in a sprouting-tray placed on a wooden surface.
Sprout This – Sprouting Superfoods for Life

Seeds are miraculous little things. They come pre-loaded with all the genetic blueprints necessary to fully develop and reseed into future generations. They themselves are the latest and greatest iteration of millennia of evolutionary fine-tuning. But they are also packed with an impressive array of vitamins and nutrients that are necessary to support this incredible […]

Movement & Fitness A barefoot-print made out of stones.
Barefoot Living – A Step Ahead

Going barefoot – and returning to the minimalist ways of our caveman predecessors – is growing rapidly in popularity. For those seeking to reconnect with mother earth, return a natural flow to their stride or improve general health, a barefoot lifestyle could be an easily accessible solution. So, let’s take a look at the anatomy […]

Food & Nutrition Perfectly white coconut oil in a glass bowl, with a raw fresh coconut split in half and a spoon next to it.
Coconut Oil – Magic in a Nutshell

Coconut oil has had a rough ride. Today, it’s popular in certain circles of the western world, but is certainly less mainstream than in the 1950s. Not to mention it’s been used for thousands of years by tropical cultures. It’s a bizarre dichotomy. While seen as an essential item by those interested in alternative health […]

Movement & Fitness A man resting in a squat
Interesting Facts About the Natural Squatting Position

Most would never consider ‘sitting’ a health risk. You read that right – sitting. It’s such a comfortable and common position that it’s difficult to imagine that there could be anything fundamentally wrong with it. In the West, we tend to do just about everything in a sitting position – eating, working, reading, and even […]

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