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Lifestyle anxious man covering face while sitting before a laptop
Fifteen Top Natural Remedies For Treating Anxiety

Money problems, health concerns, and an insecure political situation: there’s a lot to be anxious about in the modern world. If you find yourself spending too many sleepless nights with a racing heart while imagining one terrible situation after another, you might be suffering from anxiety.

There’s no reason to suffer any longer. Anxiety is […]

Food & Nutrition non-stick frying pan on a gas burner
Stay Away From Non-Stick: Use These 3 Pots Instead

How much thought do you put into your cookware? My guess is very little. Life is expensive enough without worrying about the kinds of pots and pans you fill your kitchen with, and if you’re anything like me, you’re happy to buy whatever you see on the sale rack.

Yet, what you see on that […]

Green Living closeup of coffee beans and grounds
20 Best Ways To Put Your Old Coffee Grounds To Use

For better or worse, the world runs on coffee. The humble coffee bean once existed solely in eastern Africa, but it’s delicious taste and addicting caffeine content caused it to quickly spread throughout the world in the modern age. Today, coffee is one of the most heavily traded commodities in the world; second only to […]

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