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In love with rocks but not quite sure what they can do for you? As it turns out, there are people all around the world that believe gemstones and crystals have healing powers that help them be at their best. In their view, their favorite gemstones have specific vibrations that can cast out bad energy and bring in good. For the outsider, using crystals to bringing healing to your body might seem too farfetched to be true, but thousands of people swear that a closer connection with gemstones has changed their lives for the better.

If you’re ready to dig deeper into the purported health properties of the rocks and crystals all around you, read on to get a deeper understanding of this alternative healing practice.

What Is Crystal Healing?

As a technique of alternative medicine, crystal healing is the belief that rocks and gems stones have properties that can cure various ailments and protect you against disease. Proponents believe that the chemical composition of crystals make them a conduit for allowing positive, healing energy to flow into your body while negative energy flows out.

While the scientific evidence for benefits of crystal healing is slim, that’s not enough to convince passionate followers that there isn’t something special going on with their favorite rocks. Though the real benefits of crystal healing might be mostly due to the placebo effect, the benefits for believers are still real enough to make a difference.

If crystal healing intrigues you, don’t let the lack of evidence scare you away from digging deeper in it. You’ll never know how you’ll respond to this ancient healing treatment until you try it for yourself.

How Does Crystal Healing Work?

The use of crystals for healing goes back over six thousand years to the time of the ancient Egyptians and Sumerians. These early people groups relied on the purported powers of crystals like lapis lazuli and turquoise to ward off negative energy and encourage healing.

Modern crystal healing tends to be rooted more in traditional Asian cultures, especially in regards to Chinese concepts of energy and the Buddhist belief of chakras, or the vortices of life energy.  Within crystal healing, different types of stones are thought to possess unique benefits that can move, direct and diffuse energy throughout your body.  Like everything else in the universe, crystal healers believe, crystals are alive and vibrate at different frequencies depending on their unique chemical makeup.

There are many ways that crystals are used to create healing, but the basic method is to place stones on your body that have the right vibrational frequencies for different energy healings. Sometimes the stones are laid out in a specific pattern, other times they are simply placed where they are closest to the part that needs healing.

Countering the Controversy Of Crystal Healing

Despite the fact that crystal healing has surged in popularity in the past few years, this treatment option hasn’t found much support from medical doctors and scientists, most of whom consider it a pseudoscience.

However, there are plenty of non-medicinal benefits for using crystals in modern life. Scientifically speaking, crystals have a high, precise rate of vibration that make them extremely useful in a wide variety of modern technologies ranging from liquid crystal diodes in calculators and clocks to essential components in computers. Tiny crystals are also used in credit cards, laser technologies and even drills.

Because crystals have been shown to have vibrational powers, crystal healers believe that modern science isn’t yet able to understand their benefits for the human body.

closeup of three bloodstone crystals for healing

Bloodstone crystals

13 Healing Crystals You Can Use

If you’re ready to get a start with healing with crystals, the first step is choosing the crystals you want to use. There are a wide variety available, all with different benefits, but this list should get you started.

  1. Turquoise: often labeled the “master healer”, turquoise acts as a bridge between the earth, sky and heaven. Native Americans often used it to connect their mind with the universe, and turquoise is also known for its benefits for healing and protecting the throat.
  2. Serpentine: Used to bring hormones back into balance, serpentine can help you take responsibility for your own life, meaning that it can be used to attract the kinds of success you are looking for, no matter what that looks like for you.
  3. Amethyst: A natural stress reliever, amethyst encourages your stores of inner strength and gives you a strong sense of business and purpose. Amethyst clears your mind, helps you better understand your own feelings and repel negative emotions that try to well up.
  4. Rose Quartz: As the stone of unconditional love, rose quartz opens up your heart to every type of love- not just romantic. It’s soothing energy creates feelings of empathy, reconciliation and forgiveness towards everyone around you.
  5. Pyrite: Renowned as a remedy for financial hardships, pyrite’s golden color attract money and good luck, and it makes a strong energy shield that blocks out negative energy.
  6. Jade: Long used as an effective charm for good luck, jade helps you look beyond your self-imposed limitations to achieve your true dreams. This gem promotes courage and generosity, and it will help you live the best life you can.
  7. Peridot: Long valued for its high vibrational properties, peridot is beneficial for anyone going through traumatic life changes or emotional events, as it has the ability to bring out unconditional love in anyone near it.
  8. Fresh Water Pearls: Pearls are considered bringers of light, beauty and love, and they can help you become more aware of the problems around you, though they fill you with a sense of innocence as well.
  9. Onyx: As a powerful protective stone, onyx’s deep coloring helps you protect your body from electromagnetic energy. This energy becomes transformed, turning something that is weighing you down into a lighter energy source.
  10. Aquamarine: Responsible for clearing your mind, balancing emotions and connecting you with the energy in your heart, aquamarine helps you achieve full self-expression.
  11. Bloodstone: Valued for centuries because of its healing energy, bloodstone detoxifies your body and cleanses your energy, making it a highly useful stone for athletes and anyone else that’s especially active.
  12. Mother of Pearl: As the iridescent lining in mollusks, mother of pearl is associated with water and has an energy of purity that will help you ward off evil and fear from your daily life.
  13. Moonstone: As the stone of destiny, moonstone is symbolic of the feminine divine and is a great stone to increase fertility and regulate your emotional state, while also allowing deep rooted feeling to come to life inside you.

How Do You Use Crystals For Healing?

When you go to a crystal healing treatment session, the crystal healer work to align your chakras based on the disease and energy imbalances you are suffering from. The healer will place different crystals on specific parts of your body in order to align it with the chakra points that are giving you pain. The most common places for placing chakras are near the head, on the forehead or chest, on the throat, stomach and genital region. In most cases the positioning of the stones and the types that are used are chosen for the specific symptoms that the patient is dealing with.

Crystal healing sessions usually last about sixty minutes, and by the end the practitioner will reveal to you which stones were used, what their properties are and how they will help you. The number of treatments you should seek can vary depending on the problem you are trying to overcome, but many people find benefits from undergoing crystal therapy every few weeks.

Finding a crystal healer can be tricky if you don’t live in a big city, but turning to online resources should help you find a healer near you.

closeup of turquoise ring used for healingOther Ways To Use Crystals For Healing

Beyond seeing a healer, crystal healing also involves wearing crystals in pieces of jewelry or putting them in places close to you, like under pillows or in coat pockets. By keeping the right frequency of stone close to you, you can ward off sickness and cast off negative energy. Crystal jewelry tends to be especially effective for healing and protection. Even if you aren’t sure about the benefits of each crystal, you will intuitively know to choose the pieces that provide a positive healing effect for your job. In most cases, the actual location of each stone isn’t critical because they produce an aura of healing energy that will cover your whole body.

For extra effects, some people like to mix crystals with their bath water or put them close to the tub’s edge. This creates a revitalizing mixture that washes away stress that is both internal and external, while taking away the negative energy from around you.

When combined with other forms of natural healing, the benefits of crystal healing are quickly multiplied. By blending our crystal healing practices with aromatherapy with essential oils, massage therapy and even acupuncture, you will enjoy a more complete healing than possible from crystals alone.


The world around us is full of energy vibrations, and crystals are no exception. Whether you believe in the benefits of crystal healing or simply think you’ll feel less stressed if you surround yourself with pretty gemstones, there’s a lot that’s worth exploring with crystal healing. So go ahead and invest in some beautiful, healing crystals and see how you feel having them around. You might be amazed at the difference.

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